College EVENTs









Dr. Kesavan S
Adjunct Faculty, Department Of Mathematics

IIT Madras



Dr. Ayineedi Venakteshwarlu

Indian Statistical Institute



Battle of Brains





Bachelor Level Quiz on Mathematics.
Team Event: 3 per team
Quiz Master - Mr. K. N. Visveswaran
Maximum 5 teams are expected. Written elimination round will be conducted if there are more team registrations



Undergraduate students of any branch






IITM Math Tournament



Written test for 60 minutes.
It is an individual event where a participant requires a
high problem solving skill and must dare to face the
challenging problems with a higher level of difficulty.
For description click here



UG Level(Bsc,Btech etc)

PG Level (Msc, MS, Mtech etc)






Clash of the Masters




Graduate Level Quiz on Mathematics
Team Event: 3 per team

Subject areas:

Algebra and Number Theory --
Discrete Maths and Graph Theory --
Analysis --
Differential Equations --


M.Sc/M.Tech/Ph.D students of any branch






Treasure Hunt



Fond of solving riddles?
Well here's your chance to see how good you are.
You will be given five clues in total, one clue in each step.
Figure each one out and you will get a step close to your treasure.
The first team to crack all five clues wins!
So you'd better be quick!!! For description click here
Undergraduates and postgraduates. 
Not open to IITM Students




It is a fun quiz like event consisting of several rounds, based on mathematician , mathematics and its history.
  1. It is a team game, in each team 3 members are allowed.

  2. There will be five rounds, such as- Pictionary, Who am I etc.

  3. There will be one selection round if necessary.

  4. The detailed rules of each round will be explained at the time of the event.

  5. Total points of each round will be calculated all together to decide the winner and runner up.



Open for all , including teachers and guardians.