Dr.Kalpana Mahalingam

  Assistant Professor

 Department of Mathematics


Research interests:

·         Theory of Computation: DNA Computing

·         Theory of Codes

·         Formal Language Theory

·         Combinatorics of words



·        Jan-Apr 2015 : MA6310 -Operations Research I

·        Aug-Nov 2014 : MA2130, MA6230- Graph Theory

·        Jan-Apr 2014 : MA1060-Solutions to Ordinary Differential Equations, MA5760 -Discrete Mathematics

·        Aug-Nov 2013: MA2130- Basic Graph Theory, MA5540- Probability and Statistics

·        Jan-Apr 2013: MA5760-Dicrete Mathematics, MA6230-Graph Theory

·        Aug-Nov 2012: MA2020-Differential Equations, MA6190- Mathematical Logic

·        Jan-Apr 2012: MA1020- Calculus II, MA202-Differential Equations, MA6008-Theory of Bio-Inspired Computing

·        Aug-Nov 2011: MA1010- Calculus I, MA6200-Theory of Computation

·        Jan-Apr 2011: On leave

·        Aug-Dec 2010: MA1010-Calculus I, MA5350-Discrete Mathematics

·        Jan-Apr 2010: MA 1020-Calculus II, MA2040-Probability, Statistics and Random Processes

·        Aug-Dec 2009: MA2020-Differential Equations, MA5350-Discrete Mathematics

·        Jan-Apr 2009: MA1020-Calculus II, MAPCT-Preparatory Course


Refereed Journal Publications:


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A Relation by Palindromic Subwords, (with Mark Daley)

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Invited Refereed Book Chapters:

Morphisms and Weak-ration Property, (with Adrian Atanasiu and K.G. Subramanian),

Discrete Mathematics and Computer Science, 13-21, (2014)

DNA Computing: A Research Snapshot, (with Lila Kari), 
In M.Atallah and M.Blanton (Eds.), Algorithms
and Theory of Computation Handbook, second edition: Special Topics
and Techniques, Bocaraton, FL: CRC Press, December 2009 pp 31-1 -
Involution Solid Codes, (with Lila Kari),
Nanotechnology: Science and Computation, Natural Computing
Series, 2006, pp 137-146
Methods for Constructing Coded DNA Languages (with Natas~a Jonoska),
Aspects of Molecular Computing, LNCS 2950, 2004, pp 241-253


Current Ph.D.Students:

Somnath Bera

Prithwineel Paul


Contact Information:

HSB 252, Department of Mathematics

Indian Institute of Technology Madras,

Guindy, Chennai-600036

Email: kmahalingam@iitmdotacdot”in


Phone: 044-2257-4630