Information For New Faculty
   Prepared by IITM Faculty Association


    Welcome to IIT Madras on behalf of  IITM Faculty Association. This is an attempt to provide you few information  that will help you settle down in the new job. We certainly hope that this will make you feel better and help  you to find things out   in an easier manner.

Campus Map

Getting the ID card

    Identity card is a basic requirement if one needs to get a library membership. It will also be useful in obtaining telephone and gas connections, bank account and so on.

To get the ID card:

    Contact the Registrar's office, Admin. Block and give a verbal request to the assistant. They will, in turn inform the Chief Medical Officer, IIT Hospital to issue a note for checking your blood group (which is required on the ID card, and your previous test results from elsewhere is not considered). The blood group checking can be done anywhere outside and on producing the receipt, IIT will refund  the amount. Once you get the results, submit it in the Registrar's office. Usually, it takes about 10 days to get the ID card.


    This information is regarding the procedure to get an accommodation inside the IIT campus. The different types of housing that are available to faculty members vary from D1 to B type (ascending order in size). If you are a visiting faculty, life is little bit easier in this matter.  Approach the Estate section and give a written application addressed to the Institute Engineer seeking  accommodation. It will be granted in 1-2 days. On the other hand, if you hold an adhoc appointment or permanent appointment, you may have to wait a short while or long while, depending on the availability of the houses. At the entry level of Assistant Professor, mostly one gets a D1 or MOH-type of housing, though one is eligible up to C1-type accommodation.

    For the latter mentioned category, there will be an advertisement put up by the Institute Engineer, which appears in the weekly "Campus News" as well as in the department notice boards at random intervals of time. The waiting period for an advertisement to come can very from 1-5 months. If you are allotted an apartment  in the campus, you have to ensure that it is properly whitewashed, painted and cleaned to your satisfaction. The engineering unit located near the campus shopping complex will help you in this matter (Contact person: Asst. Engineer (Residential Maintenance)).

Research facilities

    A handbook is available from the office of  the Dean, Administration that outlines the various areas of research in different departments. Each department has its own information booklet on the faculty, their  research areas and the available research facilities. Each department maintains its own library in addition to the Central Library. In addition to these, there are some centralized services like the  Computer Centre, Regional Sophisticated Instrumentation Centre (RSIC), Central Workshop, Central Glass blowing Unit, Central Photographic Section, PC Cell, Central Gas Unit etc. available.

    The Center for  Industrial Consultancy and Sponsored Research (IC & SR) has an information booklet on the various facilities provided by them. They also provide an initial research grant for an amount of  Rs. 1 lakh under the New Faculty Scheme for new faculty  (new faculty is defined as any faculty member who has not completed 3 years of permanent service at IIT) as seed money to start research activities.  Details are available from the IC & SR office. Similarly, a book grant for Rs. 1,000/- is available annually to each  faculty member to buy books of academic relevance. This grant can be utilized any time during the financial year (1 April - 31 March).

How to submit a proposal

    You will have to think of submitting a few research proposals almost immediately after getting in, if you are planning to initiate research activities early. The various agencies which can be approached, the proposal formats, the general rules to follow etc. can be obtained from the IC & SR office. Basically you have to have the scientific part ready and the rest of the formalities can be finished soon. If the proposal is small (in terms of money), you may be permitted to submit it almost immediately. For larger proposals, there are a few additional steps. Some of the funding agencies that one can approach are Department of Science and Technology (DST), Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) etc.

Institute facilities

    Refer to the Handbook on IITM provided by the office of the Dean, Administration for details on the following topics:
About the Institute, Academic programmes, Entry requirements for admission, Faculty, Fees, Accommodation and health care, Sports and cultural activities, Guidance and Counseling, Alumni Association, Overseas students, Central services, Areas of research, Placement and training etc. (However, this booklet is of more use to the students than the faculty).

Academic & Teaching schedules

    The academic calendar has two terms, even (July-November) and odd (January-May) each approximately of  75 days duration. Classes are scheduled from 08 hr. to 11.50 hr. in the morning and 13 hr. to 16.45 hr. in the afternoon, with lectures of 50 min duration.  Courses can be 2-4 credits and there will be 2 quizzes and one end semester evaluation. At the beginning of the semester, the academic section will send a list of students who have registered for each course to the respective faculty members. Attendance registers are available from the respective department offices.  An on-line teacher-cum-course evaluation is carried out towards the end of the semester on prescribed format provided by the Academic Section.  Clear instructions to carry out this will be provided by the Academic Section at the time. The evaluation result briefed by the Director is returned to the faculty member during the following semester. You can check with your colleagues or office to have a look at the format of this form or in making your grades look better! In addition to the regular teaching schedules, there are few assignments that form part of the academic activities. These are conducting JEE and GATE (centre representatives, coding and evaluation of answer books etc.),  seminars, workshops, short term courses etc.


    Though the the Central Library  has a reasonably good collection of books and journals it faces a severe financial crunch in getting the latest research journals and books.  Quite a number of journals have been removed from the subscription list. This is one of the week points you may come across here.

Library is open almost everyday including Sunday except public holidays.  Library membership can be obtained by producing the Employee identity card and 2 stamp size photographs in the library. Each faculty member is eligible to borrow 10 books - 5 cards on long term basis (6 months) and 5 cards for short term (2 weeks) basis.

    Library is open from 09 hr. to 23 hr. on working days and special schedules are announced during vacation and examination times. In addition to this, library has a CD-ROM and on-line database search , inter library loan, xeroxing etc. facilities available . Also, the institute has a membership with 20 cards with the British Council Library located on 737, Mount Road. The British Council Library  has a reasonably good collection of new books in various areas. An individual annual subscription is Rs. 550/-. Also, the US Consulate located on Mount Road has a very good library. Various research institutions located nearby like Central Leather Research Institute (op.. to IIT), The Institute of Mathematical Sciences (Taramani), SPIC Research Center (Guindy), Highway Research Center (Op.. RajBhavan), M.S.Swaminathan Foundation and the CSIR complex, Taramani  have good library facilities as well. Inter library loan facility will help you to find some thing that you are missing in IIT library in one of these libraries.


    Institute is provided with the Chennai Metro water supply. Each apartment has an overhead tank which stores the water that comes on alternate days. You will have to make sure that the water tank is clean before you start using it. If you contact the engineering office, near the shopping center, they will make arrangements to clean the tank. Also, clean the tank periodically for the safety of water. A water filter and boiling of drinking water is very essential. In case of difficulty contact numbers are:  8139 (Complaints, water supply) or 8119 (Assist. Exec. Engineer, Water Supply)

     Also, Water cans of various companies are available in the shopping complex.   Water is a precious commodity in Chennai. If you are in D1, you will get about 400-500 liters of water for two days. You will have to use it carefully. This water should be boiled for at least a few minutes to make sure that it is germ free.


    The institute provides  telephone facility at office and residence. To get a connection, give a written application addressed to the  Assistant Engineer ,Telephones. The telephones provided in the office have facility to make local calls. The residential telephones  will be provided with STD and ISD in addition to the local call facilities upon request. The institute telephone will be available in 1-2 days.

    To get a Chennai Telecom phone facility, give an application along with the required deposit amount to the Southern area office located on Jeenis Road, Saidapet (near  Saidapet Railway Station). If you want to get a Chennai Telephone connection urgently, you may have to make an OYT (Own Your Telephone) booking, which will cost you Rs. 15,000. The normal booking will cost you Rs. 3000. There is a Tathkal scheme also, for which you have to pay Rs. 30,000. Normally it takes a few months to get the non-OYT connection. You can check the Chennai Telephones Online to get further details.


    Institute has a milk supply service which delivers  Sachet milk from Aavin at your residence. You can register for the same by giving an application along with the advance deposit amount after contacting the Milk Supply Service Office between 10 am and 1PM (located in the Shopping Centre).

Cooking Gas

    TUCS has an office in the Shopping Centre area. You can give an application either for a normal connection which takes quite a long time to get sanction or apply for a 'Tathkal Scheme Connection' depending on availability. Also, there are private gas agencies outside like 'Spicjothi' in Adayar (tel: 4908676) for an immediate connection. You can get gas stoves from a number of shops nearby (Adayar, Velacherry etc.)

Shopping and purchase

Groceries & Vegetables:

    There are several shops in the Campus Shopping Complex. There are also shops in Adyar, Velachery, etc. Just take a walk around Adyar and you can locate everything you need.


    One is right there in IIT Campus itself (Campus Book Store) located in the Shopping Complex.  The other good bookshops are Odyssey (Adayar), Landmark (Nungampakkam High Road), Higgin Bothams (Mount Road), Book Point (mount Road).


    T-Nagar is the best nearby place for economy shopping. There are also a good number of shops if you want ready-to-wear stuff in Adayar itself.


    The Adyar shops are good enough for most of the things. Sri Murugan Stores in Adyar is one of the best. T. Nagar is the best place for a general shopping.


    There are several shops in Royapetta, where you can order stuff or buy ready made or get good second hand furniture. There are also carpenters associated with the campus who can make things for you as per design. Enquire your colleagues for further information. Also, IIT Central Stores could be approached for renting out some furniture.


    There are many good shops right in Adyar or look for a sale in the news paper (Adayar Times).


     IIT Film Club which screens English/Hindi/Tamil movies regularly on Saturday nights (8 pm) in the Open Air Theatre.  In addition to this, IIT has various groups which are interested in music (Music Club), films (Film Society) etc. who have their programs on a regular basis. Membership details are available from the respective secretaries.

    There are also several places in the city, for diverse activities like Music Academy, Narada Gana Sabha, Alliance France, Max Muller Bhavan, British Council, Madras Film Society etc. for regular programmes on theatre, music, dance, films etc.


Mandatory Security Requirements
    Listed below are certain security requirements which must be adhered to on campus :

(a) Identity Cards

    All employees of IIT Madras are required to carry ID cards issued by the Institute. This document must be produced on demand to the Security Personnel. The NIOT and IC & SR issue separate cards for their employees.

 (b) Temporary Passes

    The Security wing issues special passes to contractors, casual employees, laborers employed by the Institute, servants, vendors and temporary visitors. These papers are time bound and are NOT licenses for services to be rendered by the individuals.

  (c) Daily Passes

    These passes are issued to casual visitors by the security personnel manning the gate (entry points). Passes issued for one gate are not valid for another gate.

  (d) Group Passes

    These are issued to groups of workers employed by contractors or the institute and to groups of students from other Institutions visiting our departments
and centres.

  (e) Vehicle Passes

    The CSO's office issues metal tokens for two-wheelers and cycles, self-adhesive stickers for four-wheelers (with colour codes to identify campusites and non-campusites) and temporary passes to vehicle owners. The Vehicle Registration Book must be produced for receipt of the passes/tokens. Gate passes are issued to monitor movement of stores/materials out of the Institute premises.

Some Important Points

Other Campus  facilities


    There are two banks on campus : The State Bank of India and the Canara Bank Extension Counter. The State Bank of India is located on Bonn Avenue, opposite to the Post Office. The bank is open from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm on weekdays and from 10:00 to 2:00 pm on Saturdays. (Phone :  22575354, 2352247)

    The Canara Bank Extension Counter is located on  Delhi Avenue near the Shopping Centre.  The bank functions on all days of the week and has an evening counter too. (Phone :    2257355, 2353391)

Post Office

    The IIT campus is a separate postal zone and has its own post office. The post office is located near the State Bank Of India and works on all weekdays from 9:00 am
to 4:00 pm and from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm on Saturdays.

Bus Service

    Buses ply to and fro, every 20-30 minutes between the In-Gate and Gajendra Circle( GC) , Hostel Zone and Department Zone on Bonn Avenue. Time table is provided at the back of the internal telephone directory.

 Computer Centre

    The Computer Centre is a centralized computing facility for students and researchers of the Institute. The centre, besides providing a software development environment for the students, faculty and staff, also provides consultancy services for industries. Functions 24 hr.. To get an e-mail account, submit an application in the form provided  by the center.

Guest Houses

    There are two guest-houses located in the campus - the VIP Guest House and the Taramani Guest House. Located near the Director's Quarters, the VIP Guest House is meant exclusively for providing accommodation to officials, dignitaries and other guests of the Institute.  The Taramani Guest House provides accommodation for guests of faculty, students and staff members for a nominal room rent. It is located in the hostel zone near the Students Facilities Centre (SFC).

Incharge (A K Pattabiraman, Tel : 22578055, 2301077)  VIP Guest House: 22579200    Taramani House:  22579240


    To get medical assistance from the IIT Hospital for you and your family, you have to register. This can be done by filling up an application form provided by the  administrative staff of the Hospital.

    The hospital located near the staff canteen and the central workshop has 12 doctors and a team of supporting staff of strength 36 and is equipped with facilities to take care of the general health problems faced by students, employees and their families. An Out-Patient service is available on all weekdays between 8:30 A.M. and noon, and 4 PM and 6.30 P.M. Apart from the medical officers for general medicine, pediatrics and gynecology, visiting specialists are available for general surgery, E.N.T, ophthalmology and psychiatry. The in-patient service can cater to 35 patients at a given time. Duty doctors and supporting staff are available on call as part of the 24 hour emergency service. The hospital also has a clinical laboratory service with two laboratory technicians. Complete immunization treatment for children is available at the hospital. A computerized ECG recorder, an operation theatre equipped with sophisticated operating microscopes, a bronchoscope, instruments for IOL surgery, a cardiac monitor and an efficient ambulance service are a few of the facilities offered by the hospital.

    There are few hospitals in the city recognised by the IIT hospital for consultations and emergency. Some of them are Voluntary Health Services (VHS), Malar and Child Trust (A detailed list of hospitals is available from the hospital administration). You can have a consultation there and get the medical reimbursement from IIT hospital. There is pink form which needs to be filled and signed by the consulting doctor.

Open Air Theatre

    The Open Air Theatre is located opposite the Humanities and Sciences Block. The OAT is the venue for the weekly Saturday night Film Club movie, GF & KR basketball matches and cultural events like professional shows and music concerts at Saarang and Bharat Utsav. It can seat over 7000 people and usually plays to packed capacity.

Playgrounds and Stadium

    The Institute has a good number of play fields for all sports. There are two football fields, a tennis court, a basketball court, a hockey field, a skating rink (popularly called Sangam) , a ball-badminton court and a stadium matching international standards. There are exclusive tennis and basketball courts for the staff of the Institute. The Student Activities Centre houses the volleyball and the badminton courts as well as the indoor basketball court. The Gymnasium located nearby has state-of-the-art facilities.


    There are two schools located inside the campus : Kendriya Vidyalaya (KV IIT) and Vanavani Hr. Sec. School. KV IIT follows the syllabus prescribed  by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and comes under the purview of the Central Government of India. Vanavani Hr. Sec School is run by the Campus Educational Society (CES) and follows the State Matriculation syllabus.

KV IIT (2351207 )
Vanavani (2350523)

Crèche (Day Care Center)

    Institute Staff Association runs a small  Day Care Center near Vanavani School to take care of small children of the staff members of IIT.

 Shopping Centres

    The campus has two shopping centres which cater to the needs of the residents. The Students' Facility Centre (SFC) has a departmental store (Gurunath Stores), a dry-cleaner, a tailor, a hair-cutting saloon, a xerox shop, a telecom centre and an ice-cream parlour  (T.S.Cool Paradise). It is located opposite Narmada  hostel. The TUCS shop is located in the residential zone  and supplies groceries, provisions and other essential  items. It also has a book store, xerox shop and telecom  centre. A separate Telecom Centre with fax and  telegram facilities is located near the Central Library.

Swimming Pool

    ITM boasts of a swimming pool of Olympic standards which is open for use not only to the students and employees of the institute, but to outsiders as well. Revived in 1993, the swimming pool employs the backwash filtering technique to continuously re-circulate water. The water quality is tested often. Coaching camps are organised during the vacations. Separate timings are available for ladies. The pool is closed for public use on Mondays.

Phone :     22579328


    Since  the IIT is located inside a rare (tropical dry evergreen) and  beautiful forest area, it is very important to see that we are not disturbing the balance of nature by our activities.  Do not cut trees and plants or harm or disturb the animal life. Since our consumption patterns are changing, lot of non-biodegradable garbage (plastics and paper mainly) are dumped routinely to our surroundings from households as well as workplaces.  A voluntary group working in IIT,  Solid Waste Recycling And Management (SWARM)  has been trying to reduce the waste to the minimum and keeping the campus clean. Please see to it that you and the people around you are keeping good environmental practices by following the guidelines given below:


Local Travel

    To travel outside IIT, public transport system is quite good in Chennai. Most of the places in the city and suburbs can be reached by either the state transport buses or trains. Frequency of buses is quite  good.  The nearest railway stations are Saidapet or Guindy. Both these places can be reached either by bus or by autorikshaw. When we are talking about auto rickshaws, a word of caution. Unless you are very familiar to Chennai autos and bargaining  there  are chances of getting cheated. Most of the meters attached to the autos are tampered.

For Railway/Air Bookings

    Faculty Association has introduced a facility by which you can get the help of a person to get this done. Call the Faculty Association Office to get the help. In case you want to do it yourself, the nearby booking counter is in Besant Nagar / T.Nagar . For domestic air travel, you may get a help of travel agencies, numbers are in the telephone directory. They normally supply the tickets inside the campus.

    Pick-up a map of Chennai when you go to a book shop (by the way, we have one in the shopping complex). That will help you to locate the places and know the bus numbers.

Other things.....

Leave Travel Concession (LTC)

    Any employee with one year of continuous service on the date of journey performed by her/her family is eligible (for details you can refer "Swamy's Handbook " for Central Govt. Servants).

LTC to hometown

    This is irrespective of the distance involved and admissible once in a block of two calendar years. The blocks are 1998-99, 2000-01 and so on. Home town once declared is treated as final.

LTC to any place in India

    This is admissible in lieu of one of the two journeys to hometown in a block of 4 years. The current block is 1998-2001. The last date for commencement of the outward journey is 31-12-2002 (including the grace period of one year). Concessions not availed in a block of four years can be carried forward to the first year of the next four-year block.  This is available for travel to any place in India. If you avail LTC to hometown for self alone once every year, then you are not eligible for LTC to anywhere else in India.

Note: The LTC facility will not be available for the next two years (2001-2002) as the Government has frozen it.

 Medical reimbursement

Details can be checked in refererence [1]

Leave rules

Details can be checked in refererence [1]

Recurring and non-recurring grant availability

    Each department is allotted a certain amount every year which should be available to each faculty member individually or lab wise. The methodology of allocation varies from Department to Department.  Consult the concerned Head of the Department for details.

Eligibility to attend national and international conferences

Details can be checked in refer [1]

 Visits abroad

Details can be checked in refer [1]

Getting around the campus

Best way is to have a bicycle (ecofreindly  and healthy way!) or a two wheeler/car.

In case you have a question or comments, please do get in touch with us. Once again a BIG WELCOME and enjoy the campus life!

 Reference :

1. "Swamy's Handbook " for Central Govt. Servants

Prepared by Susy Varughese
for IITM Faculty Association ( Sent your comments to