For the submission of the synopsis of your thesis.

1) Fill out the form [doc] [pdf]
2) Four copies of the synopsis report (with a blue tape).
3) Copy of the campus news in which your department seminar details appeared.
4) A copy of the letter which you got when you cleared your comprehensive.
5) Copy of your course-work grade sheet.
6) A covering letter addressed to the Dean (Acad. Res.) 
7) A copy of your published papers.
Things to be kept in mind while writing the report:
i)   The total length of the synopsis report should not exceed 16 pages 
     (exclusive of the front page) and SHOULD be back-to-back xeroxed.
ii) In the publication list, please include only those  that have been
     accepted/published and NOT those which are under preparation/communicated.
Note : These are the things that were asked to submit a month back. 
Last updated : 29 October, 2012