College EVENTs









Manjunath Krishnapur
Department Of Mathematics

IISc. Bangalore



S. Viswanath
Institute of Mathematical Sciences








Bachelor Level Quiz on Mathematics.
Team Event: 3 per team
Quiz Master - Mr. K. N. Visveswaran
Maximum 5 teams are expected. Written elimination round will be conducted if there are more team registrations



Undergraduate students of any branch



Clash of the Insti's




Only one team per institute otherwise elimination round will be conducted
Team Event: 3 per team


M.Sc/M.Tech/Ph.D students of any branch






Treasure Hunt



Find the hidden treasure and make yourself rich.
Here is the chance for you.
You will be given one clue in each step and figure each one out and you will get a step closure to your treasure.
First team to crack all the clues will win
For description click here
For Poster click here
Undergraduates and postgraduates. 
Not open to IITM Students





Constructing Kth power of a graph, for K > 1 and finding sufficient condition for a graph to be Hamiltonian connected using power graph.

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Online Mystery Hunt


About Event:

Solve the puzzles, answer the questions and unravel a hypothetical mystery. An event for all sci-fi enthusiasts.


Only students of IIT Madras can participate in this event.


This is an individual event.

The webpage links will be notified to you via smail.

Any sort of cheats or indecency by participants won't be tolerated and organizers are prone to disqualify participants as such.

The link can be accessed from anywhere.

The answer for every question is case insensitive.

For any queries, you can mail to