Neelesh S Upadhye

Assistant Professor

Department of Mathematics
Indian Institute of Technology Madras
Chennai 600036
Tel. ++91 442257 4632
Fax ++91 442257 4602
email: neelesh[at]

My research interests include

·         Probability Theory

·         Stochastic Processes.

On this website, one can find a list of papers and preprints.


·         Probability Theory (M.Sc.)

·         Probability, Statistics and Random Processes (B.Tech.)


Upadhye, N. S. And Vellaisamy, P. (2013). Compound Poisson approximations to convolutions of compound negative binomial distributions. To appear in Methodology and Computing in Applied Probability.


Upadhye, N. S. and Vellaisamy, P. (2013). Improved bounds for approximation to compound distributions. Statistics & Probability Letters, 83, 467-473.


Vellaisamy, P., Upadhye, N. S. and Cekanavicius V. (2013). On Negative Binomial Approximation. Theory of Probability and its Applications, 57, 97-109.

Vellaisamy P. and Upadhye, N. S. (2009). Compound negative binomial approximations for sums of random variables. Probability and Mathematical Statistics, 29, 205-226.

Vellaisamy P. and Upadhye, N. S. (2009). On the sums of compound negative binomial and gamma random variables. Journal of Applied Probability, 46, 272-283.

 Vellaisamy, P. and Upadhye, N. S. (2007). On negative binomial distribution and its generalizations. Statistics & Probability Letters, 77, 173-180.  



Upadhye, N. S., Cekanavicius, V. And Vellaisamy, P. (2013). On Stein’s operator for discrete approximations. Preprint.

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